Home at last! Beagle from #Chicago #IL is home safe & sound. Message: “Got the chip scanned, and it wasn’t registered. Called avid the company that makes the chips and found out where the dog was adopted from. Animal care and control couldn’t give me the info of the owners. I posted that as an update in my neighborhood Facebook group. One of my neighbors got in contact with the lieutenant of the district police station. He was able to get the info of the dogs owners from animal care and control, and put the...


Home at last! Kaiser – Beagle Doberman Pinscher from #CrystalLake #IL is home safe & sound. Message: “OH MY GOD! Our local animal control has found our dog! It is safe. We will be picking him up soon. Thank you so much for your support and time. It really means the world to me” Missing 02/24/2016. Reunited 02/24/2016. Welcome home Kaiser!


Home at last! Zorro a Beagle from # Geneva #IL is home safe and sound. Lost on 02/23/2016 Reunited on 02/24/2016. Welcome home Zorro!

**** Testimonial***

We are extremely happy to have Zorro home. I really appreciate what you guys do.


Home at last! Beagle from #Pekin #IL is home safe & sound. Message: “With assistance from animal control.” Missing 02/22/2016. Reunited 02/23/2016. Welcome home cutie!


Home at last! Jack – Beagle from #Caseyville #IL is home safe & sound. Message: “A woman picked him up at the gas station down the road, took him to a vet and one of the workers there had seen one of the Lost Dog posts I made through the Facebook lost pet pages, and contacted me, I then got in contact with the lady who had found him!” Missing 02/18/2016. Reunited 02/19/2016. Welcome home Jack!


Home at last! Noelle – Beagle Mix from #Lombard #IL is home safe & sound. Missing 02/19/2016. Reunited 02/19/2016. Welcome home Noelle!

***Testimonial from Austin***

Lost dogs Illinois saw my post and called to let me know they knew the owner!


Home at last! Jojo – Beagle Labrador Retriever from #Chicago #IL is home safe & sound. Message: “Someone found JoJo and called the number on her tag! Thanks for all the help!” Missing 02/09/2016. Reunited 02/09/2016. Welcome home Jojo!


Home at last! Beagle Mix from #Chicago #IL – her name is Maud! – is home safe & sound. Message from finder: “CPD had picked up Maud and to avoid CACC, agreed to keep her for the night while we searched for owners. I was contacted to help, I spent a ton of time posting her all over various lost dogs sites and social media pages, along with watching for posts there and on craigslist, and was going to start flyering, and reaching out to other avenues to find Maud’s family....