Lance But He Answers To Beagle

Lost! #Park Forest #IL (Western & Sauk Trail) Lance “Beagle” – Neutered Male Beagle. Call 708-856-5212. Email if seen or found. Friendly. 5 Yo , 50 Lbs. Black Brown White. Wearing collar with tags. Cook County. 60466. Missing 10-06-2013.


Home at last! Beagle Pug/Puggle from #Skokie #IL – his name is Spike! – is home safe & sound. Message: “Neighbor near where dog was found located Owner. He is on his way to pick up Spike now.” Missing 05/29/2015. Reunited 05/29/2015. Welcome home Spike!


Home at last! Charlie – Shar Pei Beagle from#Plainfield #IL is home safe & sound. Message: “I got a couple of calls this morning from people that saw Charlie in their area. I checked out the area but every time we got there he was gone. When we got home we received a call yet again that he was spotted. I immediately went to look for him and this time I saw him. He immediately started whining and crying and ran right to me. It was pretty emotional for both of us. ” Missing 05/28/2015. Reunited 05/29/2015....

Rosie And Diesel

Home at last! Rosie – Beagle and Diesel – Labrador Retriever mix from #Aurora #IL are both home safe and sound. Missing and reunited 05-27-2015. Welcome home Rosie & Diesel!


Home at last! This Beagle Mix from #Pekin #IL is home safe & sound. Message: “Mutual Facebook friend shared information with a coworker” Missing 05/26/2015. Reunited 05/26/2015. Welcome home!


Home at last! Aleigh – Labrador Retriever Beagle from ‪#‎Waukegan‬ ‪#‎IL‬ is home safe & sound. Message: “We found her a few blocks away playing in the driveway with another dog.” Missing 05/23/2015. Reunited 05/23/2015. Welcome home Aleigh!


Home at last! Dozer – the senior German Shepherd Beagle mix from #Taylorville #IL is home safe and sound. Message: “Found via social media sharing of personal posts and LDI post.” Missing 05-19-2015. Reunited 05-20-2015. Welcome home Dozer!

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Excellent resource!!


Home at last! Max – Beagle from #Chicago #IL is home safe & sound. Message: “Through a series of trial and error, myself and two friends put forth a TEAM effort to locate the owners, and tonight, it proved well worth the effort!!! Too long of a story to tell, but lets just say that our little sweet beagle boy, Max, is now home with a family who loves and missed him very much! He got out of the gate when some workers left it open. The husband said he drove out a full tank of gas...


Home at last! Rio – Beagle from #Grayslake #IL is home safe & sound. Message: “A couple saw Rio attempting to cross 120 when Rio almost got hit. They got my number off a sign we put up on a pole and called us at 12:50 in the morning. After two hours of searching with my family and the couple who stayed to help us, Rio was caught. Rio is home!” Missing 05/18/2015. Reunited 05/19/2015. Welcome home Rio!

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I am so grateful for Lost Dogs Illinois, they helped...