Home at last! Bailey – Labrador Retriever Mix from #Kankakee #IL is home safe & sound. Message: “She was spotted and we received a phone call from a passer by. We drove out there and spotted her but she ran from us. At this point she had been out for 48 hours. Went out again twice the morning of the 13th to the same spot and did not spot her at all. I picked up my son from school that afternoon and he suggested we try looking for her again. We circled the same area and spotted her standing at the closed entrance of a fenced in private area. She tried to run, but I enticed her by shaking a bag of dog food at her. When she realized it was me, she started whining and barking. I guided her through an opening in the gate and when she got through she practically jumped into my arms. I thought I was going to drop her. I then realized that I still had her leash in my coat pocket from earlier. I hooked her up to the leash and loaded her in the car. She was whining and kissing me and my son the whole way to the vet to get checked out. Everything checked out good. Took her home, she played a little bit with our other dog. She then climbed up onto the couch and passed out. So happy to have her home.” Missing 01/11/2015. Reunited 01/13/2015. Welcome home Bailey!