Home at last! Millie – Labrador Retriever mix from #AppleCanyonLake #IL is home safe and sound. Message from Owner: “Found her! Thank you to Tony and Cynthia for being kind to her and alerting us quickly to her whereabouts.” Missing 07-05-2014. Reunited 07-07-2014. Welcome home Millie!


Lost! #Chicago #IL (54th St & S. Karlov) Peanut – Male Maltese mix. Call 773-401-9390 or 773-954-1140. Email if seen or found. Shy-Timid Please do not call or chase – may cause Peanut to run in fear. 9 Mos, 8 Lbs. Beige-tan. Wearing Collar. Cook County. 60632. Missing 06-08-2014


Home at last! Sanford – Basset Hound/Terrier mix from#Springfield #IL is home safe & sound.Message from Good Samaritan: “Since he is so shy & timid he didnt make a sound when everyone was walking thru the woods looking. A neighbor spotted him laying down against a log with his collar & leash laying beside him.” Missing 07-05-2014. Reunited 0...

Hannah and Murray

Home at last! Hannah – Mastiff mix and Murray – Great Dane from #Springfield #IL are both home safe and sound. Missing 07-06-2014. Unknown reunited date. Welcome home Hannah & Murray!


Lost! #Chicago #IL (4800 s keeler) Adama – Male Boxer mix. Call 773-306-3376. Email if seen or found. Friendly. 2 Yo , 70 Lbs. brindle with white paws & chest & small white line from snout to forehead. Microchipped. Cook County. 60632. Missing 06-05-2014.


Lost! #FosterburgAlton #IL (Fosterburg Rd. & Gvillo) Jack – Neutered Male Beagle mix. Call 314-308-5549 or 314-599-0669. Email if seen or found. Shy-Timid Please do not call or chase – may cause Jack to run in fear. 10 Yo , 50 Lbs. Brindle on face. Tip of tail is white. Microchipped,Wearing Collar. Not Listed County. 62002. Missing 07-05-2014.


Home at last! Pancho – Maltese mix from #Summit #IL is home safe and sound. Message: “We just found Pancho, we’re so happy to have him home safe and sound. Thanks for all your prayers.” Missing 07-04-2014. Reunited 07-06-2014. Welcome home Pancho!

Is this your lost dog?

Is This Your Lost Dog? #Richmond #IL (rt 12 & 31) Neutered Male Chihuahua mix. Call 815-900-4164 Email to identify. This dog is not for adoption – finder will only accept calls/emails from the actual owner. Shy-Timid. Approx 5 Yo . Approx 4 Lbs. Similar to German Shepherd markings & color. Found 07-05-2014. Mchenry County. 60081