Home at last! Tobie – Labrador Retriever mix from #Peoria #IL is home safe and sound. Missing 01-22-2016. Reunited 01-23-2016. Welcome home Tobie!


Home at last! Carmella a mix from #Capron #IL is home safe and sound. “I got a call yesterday from the person who found her and picked her up last night.” Lost on 01/20/2016. Reunited on 01/22/2016. Welcome home Carmella!


Home at last! Teddy – Shepherd Mix from #Chicago#IL is home safe & sound. Message: “Teddy got loose Tues morning, when my mom fell on some ice and dropped the leash. Weds morning at 4am, my mom saw him in the backyard, but he bolted before she got a chance to shut the gate. She woke my dad up, and since the snow was still fresh, they were able to follow the tracks to 59th and McVicker, and then lost him when he crossed the tracks. About 10 minutes after I posted the last update about...


Home at last! Shepard – Labrador Retriever mix from #Canton #IL is back home safe and sound. Missing and reunited 01-20-2016. Her pal, Wheatley, is still missing. Welcome home Shepard!


Home at last! Husky Mix found in #MILLSTADT #ILis home safe & sound. Message: “THRU FACEBOOK AND LOCAL VET WE GOT “HAPPY” BACK HOME! ” Missing 01/20/2016. Reunited 01/21/2016. Welcome home Happy!


Home at last! Bella – Mix from #Bethalto #IL is home safe and sound. Missing 01-20-2016. Reunited 01-30-2016. Welcome home Bella!


Home at last! Sandy – Labrador Retriever Mix from#Chicago #IL is home safe & sound. Message: “She found her way back home! She was in the park right in the corner of our house. She was a little confused. My son saw her and called her and she went running to him. She has lost weight and is weak. She will have the sweet care she needs.” Missing 01/17/2016. Reunited 01/26/2016. Welcome home Sandy!

** Testimonial From Catalina ***

Thank You for everything; you really make a difference....