LadyBird, this is Haven1. Come in LadyBird.

Here at HoundSong we believe in an open door. We have long proselytized the open sharing of what happens from day to day in our rescue. An easy thing when all is good and the stories we share are like handing out warm chocolate chip cookies. Not so easy a thing when we “screw the […]

Lose a dog – Who Me?

  I never thought it would happen to me but it did.  Six years ago, I lost two dogs; two months apart, from two different vet clinics, in two different towns. I’ve been in animal welfare for over 26 years and my husband lovingly calls me an “over the top” dog owner.  Our backyard resembles […]

Risk Factors for an Opportunistic Lost Dog

These are the indicating factors that will predispose a dog to being an opportunistic lost dog. 1) Demeanor: A friendly, butt-wiggly type of personality. Will your dog readily go up to strangers and is everybody’s new best friend? Is your dog highly motivated by treats, praise, and belly rubs? 2) Origin: Dogs that have been […]