Tips to Keep Your Dog Securely in Your Yard

The neighbor’s husky pup can’t get past the buried landscape timber. An hour later he made his way into my yard. He found a spot where there was no barrier.  by Barb McDonald, LDOW Volunteer and Founder of the Lost/found Husky Dogs Facebook page Here are some ways, many cheap and still very effective ways […]

Harnessing the Energy – Part 4

Your team of volunteers has worked hard at flyering and posting signs and now you’re getting some sightings! This article will cover what we have found to be the best method for handling these. The point person should keep a sighting  journal. It is hard to remember all of the details from a phone call. […]

Rocky’s Story – His Family Never Gave Up!

–March 26, 2012 is a date Jill Grover and her family will never forget. What started as a typical Thursday morning turned into a nightmare when Jill let her dogs Rocky- a bright white German Shepherd mix- and Zuess- a Husky- into the fenced yard of their Springfield home. About 5 minutes later she had […]